Let’s talk about tunes!

Hey world, what’s up? My name’s Bailee, and I want to talk music with you. 

I am a current CreComm student here at RRC in Winnipeg, Manitoba. I am getting extremely excited (and nervous…hello, anxiety!) to dive into the work and experiences ahead of me.

Things are about to get super busy though, let’s be honest. Life is about to change, and priorities are going to have to be adjusted.

That being said, I decided to start a blog about music for school. This allows for me to stay in touch with that aspect of my life. The musical aspect.

At the end of each month, I will try and post a link to a song I’ve recorded. Some originals, and some covers.

This will motivate me to keep making music, and to keep using that creative outlet. I hope you get some enjoyment out of it as well!

For the majority of my entries, I will post links to other music. I want to talk about bands that are totally rad, and totally awesome. So, expect to see some playlists here and there.

I’m lucky enough to know some extremely talented people who also make music. Some of them I’ve been lucky enough to be in bands with, and others I’m just plain lucky to know.

I’d love for you to hear them talk about their music, and link you to where you can listen to their material. I think networking is important, and supporting people on their creative endeavours is extremely important.

You’ll be hearing from me weekly, whether you want to or not, so get ready for posts about anything music related; from playlists, band recommendations, writing songs, playing in bands, the whole nine yards!

Let’s do this.

I can’t think of a creative way to end this message…

Keep it real, (That’s a cool thing to say right?)


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