Monday = Funday


Disclamer: Self timer pictures either work, or they…


…yeah, they don’t..

You know how Monday’s are usually dreadful? Well, honestly mine are pretty great. That’s because of a little thing I like to call, BAND PRACTICE MONDAY’S! Okay, the caps lock was a little too much.

For real though, if Monday’s are painful for you, try and plan something every Monday that you like doing. It kicks off the week pretty damn good.

The band and I have been jamming together since the summer of 2013. We still haven’t decided on a name. I know, I know. It’s been almost three years. We’re working on it. I promise.

Most of us met during our first year of university through being theatre and film nerds. Some of us met through mutual friends. It all started when our singer/keyboard player extraordinaire, Liam, suggested we all start a band.


Not too long after Liam moved into his new place, he had his housewarming party. The four of us were the last ones left at the party, so we decided to call it our first official band practice. Having only a stylophone, and a “First Act” guitar that was water damaged, the magic transpired. We wrote a song called, “Soft Cheese,” that night. I mean, who wouldn’t write a song about various types of cheeses?

After a few years of on and off practicing at various locations, we decided to try and get serious about making music this year. Half of the band is now living together, which makes it extremely easy for organizing practices.


This is the “Jam Hub.” It’s perfect if all of your band members are living in apartment buildings, and you don’t have a garage to practice in. As long as you have an electronic drum kit, everyone can hook into it, so that you don’t drive your neighbours crazy. You have your input for your instrument and mic, and an input for your headphones. The instrument feeds through the Jam Hub, and you hear your practice through the headphones. Worth looking into if you don’t want to rent an additional space to practice.

Writing songs as a group is such a fun procedure. Someone will start off with a riff or a beat, and the rest of us will follow. We tend to record our practices, so that if something is working in a song, we won’t completely forget it. Later, Kaitlyn or Connor will share the recording to our DropBox folder so that we can try and think of lyrics, or figure out song structure. That’s how most of our originals have come together so far.

Everyone has their own individual role in the band, which makes the band as collaborative as it is. We all get along, and just have a genuinely awesome time making music together. I think that’s the most important part about being in a band.

I know it sounds cheesy, but if you’re having fun playing music, you’re doing it right. Who cares what anyone else outside of it thinks.

Lately, we’ve been writing all of our songs on huge sheets of paper. We then tape the paper onto the living room wall so that we don’t forget the structure of them. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve lost count in a song, or forgot when the chorus starts. I have the memorization abilities of a rock lately, so taping the songs to the wall has proven to be very beneficial.

These three have made Monday’s worthwhile. Though, we all have busy schedules, music is important to all of us, and we make it happen. Even if we’re all exhausted, and need to make a round of coffee before jamming! (This has happened before. We’re not as young as we once were, okay?)


The photos from this day revolve around me sweating over a tripod trying to figure out how to use my camera.

Here’s what we’ve been listening to lately! 


Beck – Dreams

Sly and the Family Stone – I Want to Take You Higher


Dilly Dally – Candy Mountain

Ought – Today More Than Any Other Day


Stromae – Tous Les Memes

clipping. – Inside Out


Youth Lagoon – July

Alvvays – Party Police

We’re going to try and get a band page started up when we have a few of our own songs recorded – so stay tuned! Thanks for reading guys.

Take it easy,


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