Sup ya’ll?!

Hope you’ve all been having an alright week; taking care of yourselves, doing your laundry, being nice to your mom – you know, all that lovely stuff.

I know I didn’t sleep for two days straight this week, and drove my friends crazy with my coffee fuelled banter. (Don’t drink as much coffee as me. Seriously. Just sleep.) That’s my life lesson for today.

So anywho, this week I thought I’d shake things up, and make a video for my weekly blog post.

A buddy of mine is working on putting together an EP right now, and was gracious enough to let me sing, and play keyboard on a track. His projects name is called “JayWood.” Check out some of his other songs on! EP coming soon…I hear rumours of shows soon? Keep an eye out!

We recorded the track at our friend Kelton’s apartment. Kelton is amazingly talented at producing, and recording music. He also has a cat named “Batman.” I can’t get over how awesome that is. We also all drank a lot of coffee that day. (We’re super edgy like that.)

PS. If you haven’t tried hazelnut flavoured coffee, you’re straight up missing out.

But anyways, I’ll get to the point…

I decided to put together a video of the recording process that day. I’m pretty new with the camera yet, but it was a lot of fun to make – hope you enjoy!


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  1. That’s awesome! Really enjoy that style of music!


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