Ukulele party

Hey yaaaa!

All I can say is that it’s Friday, and I am so stoked to sleep in until noon tomorrow. Like, so excited. I can’t even right now. Ew, I just used that phrase. Okay, this opening paragraph is going terribly, so I’ll cut to the chase.

This week I thought I’d do something different for a blog post!

I was overtired, and bored so I decided to record a cover last night.

I dusted off the ukulele and did my attempt at a song called “Sea of Love.” I absolutely love both the original version of this song by John Phillip Baptiste (Phil Phillips), and the cover Cat Power did. I based my cover off of the Cat Power cover because it was easier to just use one instrument for that one.

Also, I’m sorry for the weird facial expressions throughout this video. I had the lyrics set up behind the camera and had to keep glancing at them. Hope it’s alright!

Have a good weekend guys!



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  1. I have a Ukelele from Hawaii that I’ve never played. Thanks to your post, I just did lol


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