Time management and music

So you’re stressed, anxious, tired, sad. You’re so busy that you don’t have time to deal with yourself/your emotions.

Okay. So, I basically just described myself. I literally haven’t found the time to clean my apartment or do laundry for three weeks. I also lost my hairbrush for a week because my place was so messy. I had to wear hats because my hair looked like a nesting complex for birds.

So, if you’re feeling the same way, well, let’s talk about it.

What can you do? What can you do when you have zero time to relax and chill? Or when you are relaxing, you’re not really relaxing because you’re thinking about what you should be doing.

Here’s my advice. You have to relax.

I don’t care if you have to cook dinner for ten people coming over (pffft… but seriously who has the time for that), you have three papers due, and you haven’t slept…you still need to find time to relax.

I figured this out by not managing my time properly. I realize time management is so important. It’s about realistically planning out what you can get done and what you can do in a certain amount of time.

It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re not going to be stressed, but it makes planning more structured.

If you’re in school, or working, you might not have time to always do the things you want to do. Especially on week nights.

Lately, I’ve been bummed cause I’ve had no time to focus on music stuff. But, I realized I can do some music stuff, I just have to plan my time better.

You can still do some things you want to do while you’re busy. Maybe not all of them though (until things calm down), but try and take a few days to really jam through and work hard at the stuff that needs to get done. Find at least one day a week where you can really get your mind off your stresses and enjoy relaxing.

You’ll feel better about taking the night off too because your work is all caught up on.

What I’ve been trying to do, so that I can still focus on some of my other hobbies, is plan a few major days of work.

So usually on Wednesday’s, a friend and I, will head down to the library after school and just work on homework until the library closes.

Then after classes some days, I’ll stay at the school and work on homework. I find once I get home for the day, I want to take a nap, or I get easily distracted – so I’ve found staying at school at least two times a week after classes helps.

This helps when say, I finish school at 1 p.m., and I work at 5:30. This helps me prioritize my time because I know once I get home from a 5:30 to 9:30 shift, I’m not going to want to do my homework after. So, I try and get it done before my shift starts.

Think logically about what works for YOU. If you can stay up late and get up early – then do that. But, if you can’t (like me) try and think of ways to get stuff done so you can relax after work and recharge for the next day of school or work.

I’m not the greatest at practicing what I preach, because I’ve definitely had to stay up all night working on stuff – but it definitely didn’t have to get to that point!

As for music, if you don’t have time to sit down and play your guitar during the week – find ways to still stay in touch with music while you’re busy.

Make a study playlist. Make a cleaning playlist while you’re cleaning your apartment.

As cheesy as it sounds, get your work schedule and your school schedule together. After you do that, make a list of what you have to get done for that week. Pencil in your social plans as well.

Then get a piece of paper or a day planner and start time managing.

(While listening to your study playlist, obviously.)

Visually planning a week is a very beneficial thing if you feel like you’re going to combust in stress. Pick, for example, three days where you are going to dedicate at least a couple hours to do homework, or things you have to get done.

This helps prioritize your time so that you can get your work done and still have time for outside things that you want to do!

I know I’m making time to play guitar this week, so that I can relax– you should too!

Keep on keepin’ on.



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