Journalism Assignment: Festival du Voyageur

This weeks post will be a bit different than my normal scheduled playlist of tunes!

For journalism class we were given an assignment to go to Festival du Voyageur, and do a photo essay. I stopped in at the festival park on Friday, February 12, before having to quickly head off to the airport!

It was a chilly evening, but there were still people out and about having a good time. It was my first time going to the festival so I checked out the outdoor activities they had. Outside in between the event tents, the festival provides an ice slide, ice sculptures, and food stands. Despite the frosty air, people were still braving the cold to grab some poutine or go for a slide in between concerts or events going on in the main tents.

Here are five photos documenting some of my time spent at Festival du Voyageur on Friday, February 12, 2016!

Ice sculptures lead festival goers into and out of the festival. /BAILEE WOODS
Ice sculptures lead festival goers into and out of the festival. /BAILEE WOODS
Detailed ice sculpture greeting festival goers. Beautiful visual material to look at while you decide which tent to head into first. /BAILEE WOODS
Andrew Lizotte shivers in front of the lemonade stand deciding which tent to head into next. /BAILEE WOODS
People climb their way up to the festival activities where the ice slide is at the festival park. The ladder added extra grip on the snowy hill. /BAILEE WOODS
Downtown Winnipeg sight seeing from the top of the ice slide at the festival park. A few people out and about, but most folks headed back to warm up in the event tents. /BAILEE WOODS
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