Warming up

This has been the soundtrack to my week. I’m really enjoying the warmer weather these days, so here’s what I’ve been listening to on my walks! (I don’t go for walks often…okay, I don’t really go for walks at all…except to the bus stop. (I really should, though. Sorry, mom)..but when I do, this is the selection of tunes I listen to!

Also, now I’ve probably jinxed the weather and it’ll be -22 by tomorrow morning.

I strongly suggest checking out other songs by these artists too.

Heartbeats – José González

Fever Blanket – Day Dream

No Vacation – Dræm Girl

Anthony D’Amato – Was A Time

Males – So High

Bleached – Wednesday Night Melody

The Kills – Tape Song

Acid Ghost – Overthinking

Eerie Summer – Weird Around You

Hope you enjoy!

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